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Spider-Man should save the boy before his old foes get it. Moreover, one of his frineds is in terrible danger….


Amazing Spider Man #643 Preview (Marvel Comics)

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The Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #801

With all options potentially ending bloody, Jax and the crew faces a decision that will most certainly end in death […]. Following the blockbuster finale […]. What made him leave the force?

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

After a gig in Las Vegas, Bobby wakes up to discover someone stole his cut. Armed with a couple more drinks and only the clothes on his back, Bobby will tear the […].

Shopping Cart. Call us : The Amazing Spider-Man Hopefully the artwork by Azaceta will get better in the next installments, because I'd hate for the artwork to drag down the gem of a script that Waid has delivered. A good, solid and dependable Spider-Man story, but missing that little bit of zass that would put it over the top.

And although Waid's script hardly makes for captivating theatre, it does allow Azaceta to spent most of his time drawing Spidey in action, which is something he does with a visionary flare reminiscent of Steve Ditko. Thanks to Azaceta, the action sequences pop off the page with a sense of kinetic energy even if it's hard to care about what we're witnessing. It certainly doesn't help that Waid has Spider-Man needlessly provide play-by-play commentary of his every action, even going so far as to explain his motivation when it's more than obvious already.

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This is a rather poorly written comic that's only partially redeemed by stellar art. Prev Series Next.

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