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At a constant pressure, rising temperature means a lower performance for the valve, since some materials have lower capacity.

AWWA C504 Butterfly Valve, Rubber Seated

As well gate, globe and ball valves, the butterfly valve can be manufactured with metallic seats that can perform at high pressure and extreme temperatures. IEC Ed. Applies to the following single-stage valves: globe single and double seated , butterfly, angle, rotary plug eccentric, spherical , ball, and valves with cage trims.

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ISO Metallic butterfly valves for general purposes Specifies the requirements for metallic butterfly valves with centred or eccentric disc, with centred or eccentric shaft, with metallic, polymeric, elastomeric or composite seating, with lined or unlined body, coated or uncoated, to be used in flanged or butt-welded piping systems for shut-off, throttling or flow control.

Covers butterfly valves with nominal diameters DN 40 to DN and is applicable to valves of nominal pressure PN 2,5 to ISO is applicable to hand- or power-operated valves to be installed in industrial pipe systems, irrespective of the field of application and the fluids to be conveyed.

The values given in parentheses are for information only. MSS SP R High Pressure Butterfly Valves with Offset Design This standard practice covers design requirements, test performance, marking requirements, and nomenclature for butterfly valves designed for high pressure performance, having a seat plane offset from the plane of the stem centerline.

AS Butterfly valves for waterworks purposes Specifies requirements for Classes 10, 16, 21 and 35 manually operated resilient-seated double-flanged butterfly valves for waterworks purposes, with a maximum operating temperature of 40C. Isolating valves for LNG. Specification for suitability and appropriate verification tests This European Standard specifies the general performance requirements of isolating valves gate valves, globe valves, plug and ball valves and butterfly valves used in the production, storage, transmission by pipeline, rail, road or sea of Liquefied Natural Gas LNG.

LNG filling valves for vehicule refuelling systems are excluded from the scope of this standard. Class range from Class to Class Preinsulated bonded pipe systems for directly buried hot water networks. Steel valve assembly for steel service pipes, polyurethane thermal insulation and outer casing of polyethylene This European Standard specifies requirements and test methods for valves of prefabricated thermally insulated valve assemblies comprising a steel valve, rigid polyurethane foam insulation and an outer casing of polyethylene for use in directly buried hot water networks with preinsulated pipe assemblies in accordance with prEN This standard applies only to insulated valve assemblies for continuous operation with hot water at various temperatures in accordance with clause 1 of prEN Guidelines for quality inspection are given in annex A of this standard.

Guidelines for installation of valves are given in annex B of this standard. NOTE For this application the following valve types are commonly used: Ball valves, gate valves, and butterfly valves. NOTE This standard does not include rules for calculation of loads and stresses.

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BS EN Power transformer and reactor fittings. Butterfly valves for insulating liquid circuits. Metallic butterfly valves This European Standard specifies requirements for butterfly valves having metallic bodies for use in flanged or butt welding piping systems and used for isolating, regulating or control applications.

DN is used only for Class and Class For special application as industrial process control valves, see EN and EN BS EN Industrial-process control valves. Face-to-face dimensions for rotary control valves except butterfly valves. DIN Valves for gas installations; butterfly valves; female threaded ends This standard covers dimensions and designation of internally threaded butterfly valves for gas installations for gases to DVGW G part 1 in sizes DN 15 to DN 50 for service pressure 4 bar and in size DN 65 for service pressure 1 bar.

DIN Technical specifications for valves for shipboard use - Part 3: Butterfly valves The document contains sets the selection to DIN of requirements and tests they are mainly for butterfly valves will apply trade- and naval shipbuilding. DIN Ships and marine technology - Butterfly valves for flanges extra light duty wafer type and flanged type - DN 50 to DN , PN 10 This standard specific single exentric soft sealing butterfly valves for extra light duty of water type and flanged type.

API Butterfly Valves: Double Flanged, Lug- and Wafer-Type This standard covers design, materials, face-to-face dimensions, pressure-temperature ratings, and examination, inspection, and test requirements for gray iron, ductile iron, bronze, steel, nickel-base alloy, or special alloy butterfly valves that provide tight shutoff in the closed position and are suitable for flow regulation.

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UL Ed. UL A Ed.

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https://piedrawenlin.ml Valvias Tv. Site Map. Basic Concepts. Types of valves. Types of actuators. In each case, the numeric designation represents the pressure rating the maximum steady-state fluid working pressure, in pounds-per-square-inch gauge and also the maximum steady-state differential pressure, in pounds per square inch, for which the valve is designed. The designations "A" and "B" define the flow-rate capabilities with the valve in the fully open position. Major revisions included in this edition of AWWA C consist of the following: Appendix A, Suggested Method for Calculating Torques Required to Operate Butterfly Valves, was deleted; Soft metrication was implemented; Scope--temperature and pH ranges were added; Section 2, Materials: Lead content of wetted parts was limited, ductile iron was added, Corrosion-resistant metals were defined; Section 3, General Design: Connection requirements were clarified and expanded, Section 3.

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