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The practice of noting helps to create space and learn more about our habits, tendencies, and conditioning. We direct well-wishes and goodwill first to ourselves, and then, as a ripple effect, to others, which helps us let go of unhappy feelings we may be experiencing. Skillful Compassion: Similar to the loving kindness meditation technique , this one involves focusing on a person you know or love and paying attention to the sensations arising from the heart.

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Visualization: This technique uses visualization, to focus on a person or something more abstract, to hold attention. The idea here is that the familiar image will help create and maintain a relaxed focus. Resting Awareness: Rather than focusing on the breath or a visualization, this technique involves letting the mind rest; thoughts may enter, but instead of distracting you and pulling you away from the present moment, they simply leave. Be aware of the feelings, not the thoughts, that arise when you focus on the question.

Here is a video with more instruction on how to use the reflection meditation technique. Whichever technique you choose, know that experiencing moments of mindfulness during meditation is a great first step. After meditation, while our minds will likely experience distractions throughout the day, the more our mindfulness practice is honed and developed, the more we are able to catch ourselves being distracted and the more we are able to bring our focus back to the present moment.

At the end of your meditation, try to recognize how your mind feels and then make an intention to carry that feeling into the rest of your day. Some people find it helpful to form a clear idea of what they are going to do next — maybe take a shower or get a cup of coffee — and perform their next task with the same level of awareness they experienced during meditation.

From there, once you gain more experience and confidence, you can explore the whole library of content, featuring hundreds of guided mindfulness meditations on a wide array of topics from stress and compassion, to sleep and focus. Begin reaping the benefits of mindfulness - get started using Headspace today!

Download the Headspace app and sign up to start meditating today. What is mindfulness? Start now! Defining mindfulness. Try this mini-meditation from Headspace to cultivate mindfulness. Try more! Start now. The difference between mindfulness and meditation.

How mindfulness meditation works. The benefits of mindfulness. Practicing mindfulness meditation. Practicing mindfulness post-meditation. Mindfulness for beginners.

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Sign up now! Get started. Learn more about meditation. How Headspace works How to meditate The many benefits of meditation How to start a morning meditation practice How long does it take to form a habit? Gunaratana, B. Mindfulness in plain English. Somerville, MA: Wisdom Publications. Hahn, T.

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    6 Mindfulness Exercises You Can Try Today

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    6 Mindfulness Exercises You Can Try Today

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