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Is there bipolar 4.

What causes Schizoeffevtive disorder how is it treated. How long does it last. Cyndi As a Bipolar 1 I have been successfully on meds consistently for 26 years. My biodad guilty of sexual abuse took his life at age We have never been certain of the diagnosis of his mental illness, but we suspect Bipolar. I have experienced two psychotic episodes that took me to the hospital. It is agreed upon by my doctors and therapists and me that I am high-functioning and after 35 years taking classes at 6 colleges I graduated with my B.

I recently found a bipolar group provided by my health coverage and I am benefting from every moment that I am in group. I was diagnosed with major depression and later ptsd and aniexty disorder when 9 years later my son killed his father. I really wonder if all these years I have been misdiagnosed and have a form of bipolar. Jo Mullen-Regner My husband was bipolar.

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When his meds quit working, he took his own life in When he went into a rage, it was directed at me. I did write about it hoping our story might help someone. Dee Very good article. I always thought I had a Major Depressive disorder but was prescribed a mood stabilizer and never understood why. Years ago I went to a support group for bipolar and never went back because I never experienced mania.

I was fortunate to be employed by a great company with an Employee Assistance Program. My position was always there following hospitalizations. Proper diagnosis and education to the patient and public is so important! Whitney Very Informative Writing! Thank you for this article. I am 31 yrs old.

She talked openly to me about mental illnesses, we watched documentaries together, interviews of celebrities who suffered with the illness, etc. She found ways to help me relate to the information on a level that was interesting and in a way that sounded very simple for such an unsimple subject. By the time I was away in college I learned my mother had attempted suicide twice. I eventually moved home from school to live with her and care for her by just being there to support her.

My mother was 2 weeks shy of her 52nd birthday when she completed suicide. I was 25 years old. Week of her passing I learned 1 a medication she was recently put back on was recalled due to suicide in patients with a history of suicide attempts 2 I learned this was the 3rd time her doctor put her on this medication at its highest strength.

What Mania Really Feels Like When You're Bipolar

The times before were when she attempted suicide and was taken off the drug. That is one of the many reasons I appreciate this information and all the stories and comments shared. Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge. George Shields It has been my experience that psychiatrists are very open to discussing the uniqueness of ones bipolar.

I do think it would be a tremendous benefit if we did discuss bipolar within the perimeters of a spectrum. Sadly I don't see that happening real quickly though. Hospitals and doctors do their coding for insurance companies and one must into a category. The government is the same should SSD be involved. On a personal level I don't even know what my diagnosis is after all of these years. You see have a mixed state problem. I am manic all of the time. Finding medications for anxiety and depression is a chemistry project in its truest form. Lithium for the manic is a constant. Sadly even your right hand, left hand test will not hold water.

Obviously the topic of spectrum is a great one. Lori A couple factors to consider: hormone fluctuation during my 40s changed the spectrum.

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Also, low magnesium. Then adjust antidepressants.

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Trudy Bostick Your article was very insightful. I have just recently within the past few years been diagnosed with bipolar disorder after many years of major depression and sporadic episodes of mania, especially in my teens that went undiagnosed for many many years. I am now 65 years young and on a good combination of meds that really works for me.

Thanks for the information, it helped me to determine where I fall in the spectrum of bipolar disorder. Michele Regal So glad to see this article. I am Bipolar II. I'm in the sad, crying, depressed mode the majority of the time, and just as the article explains, my mania presents as fast talking and quick to anger.

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The general public thinks bipolar folks are all on the mania spectrum. That's the only way I've seen the media portray us. Claudia Pinto Muy interesante el articulo! Chemartist Great post I am very surprised however to hear of a test that you can take to differentiate between bipolar and depression.

senjouin-renshu.com/wp-content/20/4116-como-puedo.php I was not aware that such a test existed, and a Google search led nowhere. Would you be able to point me in the right direction with the name of this test or at least the name of the company that sells it? Thank you!!! It was only after I was hospitalized and changed psychiatrist that I was correctly diagnosed and medicated. My story has many discoveries- like choose your psychiatrist when you are stable and do not be afraid to question his dx or to choose another more qualified psychiatrist.

There is more to my story but this is sufficient to introduce me to the group. If you have questions contact me. Sandee Great article.

I was unaware of a bipolar spectrum but have witnessed it in two of my daughters who are at opposite ends of that spectrum. Therefore, I always suspected there was more to it than bipolar I or II. One of my daughters is dx with schizoaffective disorder bipolar type. Where does that fit on the spectrum? Thank you! Joe Really great piece.