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A film about venturing into the unknown, it delves into mysteries that will never fully be solved and digs into the mindset of an explorer. But beyond that, it wants to depict the search for meaningful fulfillment, to try and understand why someone might risk life and limb in pursuit of the sublime. The Lost City of Z is a miraculous movie, at once moving, intimidating, and gorgeous to behold.

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It feels like a work of classic Hollywood cinema, but without the arch, mannered quality that can come with a contemporary director trying to harken back to the past. At first, Fawcett was dispatched as a surveyor, but eventually he became convinced there was evidence of a lost civilization hidden in the jungle, one as technologically advanced as any in the ancient world. There is also a cut that clearly references Lawrence Of Arabia. It is drawn into a question mark in the hallucinatory final shot.

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In Arthurian legend, Percival is the first knight to lay his eyes on the holy grail; it is he who is invited to sleep in the splendid castle of the Fisher King, but wakes up in a ruin. The knightly Percival is also a figure of spiritual longing and failure, and in order to complete his quest, he must cure the wounded, impotent Fisher King by asking him a question. On that level, it is a quest of colonial guilt. But really, it is many things. Gray takes substantial liberties with the real story. Some are purely logical; for instance, the decision to reduce the number of expeditions undertaken by Fawcett from seven to just three.

For the last expedition, in , he is joined by his eldest son, Jack Tom Holland , on a bittersweet father-son bonding trip into oblivion. Rider Haggard and Arthur Conan Doyle.

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The expeditions, all three of which are to some extent disastrous and enlightening, are thick with danger and camaraderie. There are piranhas, spears, and treacherous rapids.

Gordium's most famous ruler was the quasi-legendary King Midas. Gordium was sacked by the Cimmerians and subsequently abandoned in around BCE but was rebuilt by the Persians.

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Alexander the Great is said to have visited the city to solve the Gordian Knot puzzle. Whoever could loosen the knot would rule Asia - Alexander simply cut it. The forgotten city was rediscovered and excavated in by Gustav and Alfred Korte and later by the Pennsylvanian Museum between and It was originally founded as a Berber and Punic settlement but was greatly expanded by Emperor Severus during his reign.

Lost Cities Of The World: Machu Picchu, Peru

It later reunited with the Eastern Empire but was constantly plagued by Berber raids and finally fell to a Muslim invasion in AD. Once abandoned, it was consumed by the Libyan sands until its rediscovery in the 19th Century. Mohenjo-Daro , roughly meaning 'Mound of the Dead Men', is one of the worlds oldest urban settlements.

It was founded and built around BC in present-day Pakistan. Studies have shown that it was abandoned sometime in the 19th Century BC as the civilization declined. It would be forgotten for almost 2 millennia before being rediscovered in the 's. Before this discovery, the story was widely dismissed as pure fantasy. These people, it was said, dressed in white clothes and lived in caves and holes. When they attached the carried long poles and let out terrifying battle cries. Heracleion , also known as Thonis to the Egyptians, was an ancient city located near the mouth of the Nile.

It is roughly 32 km North East of Alexandria. According to Greek legend, this was the city that Heracles took his first steps into Africa. It was also where Paris hid Helen before the onset of the Trojan War. Apart from appearing in legend, it was nowhere to be seen, and for good reason. Neapolis was lost for almost 1, years after it was devastated by a tsunami.

At the time it was a thriving Roman town that had been lost for centuries until it was found North East of Tunisia last year. Amidst the usual detritus from an ancient city, the team found evidence of large tanks used to make garum. This was a popular fish sauce of the period consumed by Greeks and Romans in vast quantities. Little else is known of the town's history, but it was captured by the Romans during the Third Punic Wars. Its ruins were buried by pyroclastic flows preserving the buildings and its inhabitants until it was rediscovered in the 's. It is renowned for being one of the very few sites that preserve the original splendor of the city.

Large amounts of the original construction timbers have also survived to the present day. Current research indicates that Herculaneum was primarily occupied by the very wealthy amongst Roman society. Evidence suggests that it was a flourishing place in the 7th Century AD. Archaeological studies indicate that the site had been occupied between around BC to about AD.


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After this time, it went through a period of decline and the site was absorbed by the jungle. It was 'rediscovered' by Europeans in the late 's and has since become one of the most studied Mayan sites. It was once the home of the ancient Palaeo-Indian Anasazi peoples, otherwise known as the Ancestral Puebloans. Studies indicate that the site was occupied from AD to about AD. It appears that the site was abandoned around AD.

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Debates rage as to why the occupants left the settlement but climatic change seems to be the main culprit. The Cliff Palace as finally rediscovered in by Richard Wetherill and Charlie Mason whilst they searched for stray cattle. It is, to date, the largest and best-preserved example of Norse ruins in what is known as the Eastern Settlement. It was settled around AD by Norse farmers thought to have arrived from Iceland. The site was probably home to about 4, people during its height.

The Western Settlement would die off in the 14th Century and with Eastern Settlement lasting a little longer before being abandoned. Records exist of a wedding being held in the settlements Church in This was the last record of any habitation of the area. The site was rediscovered in by a Danish missionary.

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Tiwanaku was a pre-Columbian settlement that can be found in Western Bolivia. Its original name has been lost to the ages as its inhabitants did not have a written language. Tiwanaku is thought to have been inhabited by peoples who probably spoke the Puquina language. It is thought that the site was inhabited from as early as BC. It reached its height between BC and AD when it appears to have become a cultural center. A round AD the city fell into decline and was abandoned as climatic changes forced the inhabitants to leave. It was first recorded in by Spanish conquistador Pedro Leon whilst he was searching for the Inca capital.

Akrotiri was a Minoan Bronze Age settlement on the island of Santorini. It was abandoned and buried during a volcanic eruption around BC. Volcanic ash and other deposits engulfed the ancient city preserving many of its buildings and fine frescoes. Not to mention a plethora of other artworks and other objects.