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Electrical engineering

Spam and inappropriate entries will be deleted. The Audio Pages. This site can't exist without purchases from readers, but if you don't need to buy anything please consider a donation to ensure the site's survival. Complete designs and ideas, with schematics and details of how each circuit works, including alternative uses if applicable. Amplifier and power supply design, loudspeakers, electronics theory, beginner information, test and measurement, etc. Valve vacuum tube amplifiers, information and analysis. Includes a couple of valve-related projects.

Micro-fabrication and Microfluidic Technology for Marine Micro-system.

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Integrated flow-cytometer on chip for in situ particle counting and sampling. Silicone oil degradation analysis SODA. Microfluidic Devices for Structural Health Monitoring. Remora: mobile applications to support the training of social workers in the wild. Mechanical amplification in inertial sensors. The effect of cross-linking byproduct on electrical properties of soaked LDPE. EdScene - Scenarios for Academic Information. Higher-order forces and torques on dielectric particles.

Impulse ageing of polymeric materials. Nickel Palladium alloy contacts for Carbon nanotube Spintronics. Microfluidic whole-cell biosensor. Antireflective surfaces by Nanosphere Lithography. Optical waveguide sensors for highly sensitive detection and quantification of cytokines in biological fluids. Renewable materials for high voltage applications. Nanodielectrics: relationships between polar and non polar molecules. Otoacoustic Emission Based Biometric Systems. E-Framework Services for Course Evaluation. An Investigation into the structure and properties of Polyethylene Oxide Nanocomposites.

Surface discharge measurement using the pockels effect. Highly-efficient thermoelectric power harvesting. TOPS - teaching over performing students. Biomimetically Inspired Nano-photonics. Adaptive Energy-Aware Sensor Networks. Investigation into low noise Phase Locked Loops.

Take your design from idea to reality

RF-based time-of-flight locationing system. Spectrum Monitor for Cognitive Radio. Unobtrusive Welfare Monitoring System. RF time-of-flight ranging for WSNs. Real Time Synchronised Caption Annotation.

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Ge catalytic growth of Carbon Nanotubes. High Performance and Robust Systems. Design and optimisation of the high temperature superconducting generator with a coreless rotor. Supergen V: Amperes: Infrastructure for reducing environmental impact.

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Transitioning Applications to Ontologies. Rendering and Response processing services for QTIv2 questions. Spatially Embedded Complex Systems Engineering. Dielectrophoretic Separation of Particles. Influence of 2D chirality on the transmission and diffraction from asymmetric dielectric gratings. Single cell manipulation with dielectrophoresis. Real Time Synchronised Caption Editing. Institutional Repository Research Assessment.

Interoperable Repository Statistics. Effect of nucleating agent on a polyethylene blend. Sensor networks for glaciers: Glacsweb. Iterative learning control for re-education of upper limb. Schottky barriers for spin injection. Meeting Memory Technologies Informing Collaboration.

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    Towards plasmonics: active control of surface plasmon-polariton waves. Virtual Organisations for E-Science.

    How to Make Touch Sensor !? Basic Electronic Project - Easy Lang!

    Development and Application of String Type Kernels. Open Middleware Infrastructure Institute. Agent-Based Control of Decentralised Systems. Low temperature seeded crystallization of amorphous Si for transistor-in-Grain technology. Sensor Web for the study of Glaciers. Trusted Software Agents and Services. Thick-film sensors for prosthetic hands. Optical manifestations of planar chirality.

    Optimisation methods for machine learning. Submicron fabrication of biomolecular patterns using optical methods. Delimiting kernel-based learning methods. Technologies for On-line Interoperable Assessment. Learning for Adaptable Visual Assistants. Electrostatic ignition hazards in mining processes. Virtual Orthopaedic European University. Iterative Learning Control of Multi-axis Systems. Thick-film magnetostrictive actuators for MEMS. Electrostatic Charging of Insulators.