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One of his friends from the vegetarian society gave him a book written by Adolf Just titled "Return to the Nature". He studied that book and tried simple measures like dietary reform, mud application over abdomen, use of wet compresses etc.

How Does Nature Impact Our Wellbeing?

He experienced relief by these simple measures. He thought that, such drugless therapy would be beneficial for a developing country like India, where most of the people live in villages and they do not have access to doctors and hospitals. He wrote about his experiments in his own publication "Indian opinion" under the title "Guide to health" and some articles on nature cure, use of five elements and its effects.

Those articles were written during the year When Gandhiji returned to India, those compiled articles were published while he was confined in Aga Khan Palace in The book is known as "Key to Health". It is translated in different Indian and European languages. The book became popular because Gandhiji wrote with a novel idea somewhat different from the ways adopted by medical practitioners and medical scientists. Gandhiji incorporated education in health and hygiene in his point constructive programmes aimed at achieving complete independence by truthful and non-violent means.

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He emphasised on vegetarianism, which is inseparable from naturopathic way of treatment. He believed in his famous eleven vows namely 'Non-violence, Truth, Control over Palate taste , Celibacy, Physical work, Non-stealing, Non-possession, Fearlessness, Removal of caste barrier, Equality in religion, Swadeshi or self-reliance. According to him it is impossible to observe any basic principles of life without truth. He emphatically said that, Truth is God. Devotion to the truth is Justification to the existence of mankind.

There should be Truth in speech, thought and action. Truth in speech, thoughts and action depends upon how one uses his senses. Gandhiji's model of 3 monkeys is famous in India. He always used to say that, - Do not see Evil - Do not listen evil words - Do not speak bad words Indian philosophy based on Vedic scriptures says that, there should be balance between 5 motor organs and 5 sense organs.

Our mental poise depends upon what we perceive thro' our sense organs since childhood. Stimulating scene, literature will have adverse effect on our mind.


If we utter bad words the listener gets disturbed, his emotions get negative impact. One who quarrels, utters bad words also get disturbed.

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Thus mind plays a dual function. Soothing affectionate words will create joy. Worshiping God, Chanting prayers, Observing Natures beauty, fruits, vegetable, colourful flowers, butter flies, mountains, streams which we observe and experience bring joy. We perceive qualities of substances thro' senses, we get knowledge about a "substance" but substance doesn't have any sense or knowledge. The truth perceived thro' sense was, is and will be there i.

That is the truth of the nature.

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This truth manifests as knowledge through our senses. Substances are perishable but the eternal truth and knowledge is not. Therefore right kind of perception thro' motor and sense organs is essential for the knowledge of space, Ether , air, fire, water and earth. Moderation in hearing, touch, vision, taste and smell, speech, thoughts, action, is necessary for balance of these elements in the human body.

Energetic Anatomy: A Guide to Your Body's Energy Systems

Physical and mental health depends upon good quality of perception thro' sensory and motor organs. The balance is not possible without devotion. Health depends upon how one observes the laws of nature.

If one is aware and practices self-discipline and good impression since childhood Sanskara then only health can be maintained. Any deviation from the laws of nature which are omnipresent, will cause ill health. Since the evolution of mother earth these laws are undisturbed and are going on since ages. If we do not behave physically, morally, spiritually in accordance with the laws of health, we are untruthful to this wonderful divine human existence, which the GOD created, and then we become prey to diseases at physical and psychological level.

Only way to self-realization or heavenly truth is by way of observing non-violence at physical level in speech and at mental level. Nature has bestowed love while creating life in the form of animals and plants.

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  • Killing, destroying animals, plants, polluting earth, water, environment by greed, jealousy, hatred, urge for possession has created imbalance in physical level at large. Violent stimulating thoughts arise because of stimulating diet and urge to possess which superiority over animals, plants disturbs our internal environment.

    Not looking after self, injuring self with intoxicating agents such as tobacco, alcohol, stimulating spicy food etc. Indulgence over these intoxicating substances has adverse effect on the thinking process as well which in turn leads to provocative behavior and the individual is caught in the vicious circle. Therefore Gandhiji and eminent naturopaths advocated vegetarian diet which nature has created for the herbivorous human being.

    All vegetables, fruits, cereals are non-stimulating and have positive effect on health and mind. Gandhiji was observing celibacy since Indian philosophers, sages and saints are believers in celibacy. To achieve control over natural urges one must be truthful and non violent to self and nature. Satva Good quality vegetarian food in the form of fruits, dry fruits, vegetables are essential to develop control over urges.

    It is possible to observe celibacy during marital life. There is difference between animal instinct passion and human intellectual awareness. Mating in animals except few species is not frequent. It is only for the procreation. Ayurveda and Naturopathy believe that, the vital fluid, which has capacity to procreate, has to be conserved.

    If it is wasted due to over indulgence it has delitarious effect on the body and mind. Celibacy doesn't have reference only for seminal ejaculation, but it has a wider meaning of control over 5 sense organs, 5 motor organs and the 11th sensory and motor function of mind. Therefore moderation in all activities is necessary for celibacy during married life. One who attains control over urges alone can reach the stage of "Samadhi i. It is then that, the liberation of soul becomes possible.


    What is the Philosophy of Ayurvedic Medicine?

    Touch, gesture word and thought of indecent perception is breach of this principle of chastity. Brahmacharya means a behavioral pattern adopted in the search of truth. All natural food stuffs are tolerable since birth. Infants and babies do not overfeed. All medical pathies agree that, most of the problems arise due to modified diet, over eating processed food. Gandhi gave importance to moderation in eating habits instead of "What and how much to eat thought". He said over eating is a universal crime; it is a crime against society and sin against our own body. He was of the opinion that, over eating and indulgence in any bad habits like lying, stealing, indecent behavior is immoral.

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    Gandhiji was a member of vegetarian society while he was in England and South Africa. He experimented on dietetics with reference to the literature available in modern medicine. He strongly condemns eating meat as other eminent naturopaths believe. Naturopaths and Gandhiji also had opinion that milk is not essential for health. Once in Gandhi became very sick and could not recuperate from illness. He was reluctant to take milk. Somebody suggested use of goat milk. On the request of his wife he started consuming milk and fruits and he recovered very fast. In certain conditions and in country like India where people observe religious fasting, milk can be combined with fruits.

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    • Fundamental principle of Naturopathy believes that, we should not disturb what nature has given. Sweets, chocolates, Sugars, excess condiments are bad for health. Nature has created vegetables, fruits with unique taste and colors. Each has unique taste, which is agreeable to most of the animals, birds, and insects.