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Can he save those he loves from its power?

In a Central Park overrun with madness, a suave sociopath seeks to achieve his darkest desires by tearing apart the world. Battling him through death and beyond, Donovan risks his soul to learn reality is flexible, and even the impossible can be had if a high enough price is paid Faustus Resurrectus.


Faustus Resurrectus

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Faustus Resurrectus (Donovan Graham) | KSA | Souq

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Doctor Faustus by Christopher Marlowe - Act 1, Scene 3

Be the first to rate this product Rate this product:. The novel features loads of information about things like the materials used in rituals from fertility rituals to Satanic ones , the symbolism behind the number 13, and the history of resurrecting people from the dead.

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Donovan and Father Carroll also discuss the Faustus legend on many occasions, quoting from both the Marlowe and Goethe versions of the story. Because the occult rituals themselves are so interesting, about half of the narrative is actually written from the perspective of the serial killer, Cornelius Valdes. The story gets increasingly dark and twisted as Valdes progresses with insane schemes; readers with an aversion to violence and gore should avoid this one. In keeping with the Faustus story, there are related themes about free will, faith and, most notably, the idea that reality is flexible.

Faustus Resurrectus

The latter comes up often, as characters struggle to deal with increasing intrusion of the paranormal into their world. One character argues that the essence of suffering is in knowing that our pain is caused by our own stupid, prideful choices.

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  • In a recent interview though , Morrissey revealed that Father Carroll was actually the easiest character for him to write, because he uses Carroll to express his own ideals about faith. If not, I think this novel might have come across as something of a religious lecture.

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    It certainly takes a very black and white approach to good and evil; there are no debates here about it being better to reign in hell than serve in heaven. Faustus Resurrectus is a strong debut and a good read for those who like to dabble with the darkness. I look forward to more Donovan Graham novels from Thomas Morrissey.