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Anya Fernald's approach to entertaining. So for crowd cooking or just for a dinner party, I usually do things like a spatchcocked chicken, cut up and covered with lemon slices and parsley on the table. It's delicious and people can all grab at it. That one meaty dish, make it something you can make easily and don't have to be fussing over the stove at the last minute. You can do all of that on the grill as well. Chicken holds beautifully on the grill--lamb racks, even a roast.

Some of the best top round or eye of round roasts that I've ever had, or chuck roasts, have been done on the grill. Takes two or three hours but it's spectacular. And choose options that if you cook them ten minutes too little or ten minutes too much, the whole things not going to fall apart. Not like if you're cooking, say, a filet mignon or a ribeye, where if it's over cooked it's really a bummer.

The chicken can have a little more olive oil or add a couple extra pats of butter to it and nobody's going to notice. I try to opt for those things.

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And then I usually make two or three vegetables, usually all prepared beforehand. I have a great recipe that's a party favorite for me for the summertime, which is pickled fried zucchini, something I learned in northern Italy. And it's a great side for a party because it's a beautiful, fancy-looking salad, but you can make it the day before.

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I also love things like a pot of white beans cooked in broth and finished with soffritto. Something a little richer and heavier, especially in the wintertime. Also, things like braised fennel are real favorites for me. For starters, I rely a lot on things like pickled eggs cut in half and pickled lemon beets. They look spectacular and cool, and you can make them beforehand.

I love doing things with anchovies for starters. I find that anchovies really whet the palate that goes so well with meats. The meat starters that I typically do are things like sliced salami or fried mortadella sandwiches. Occasionally, I love to whip out chicken hearts fried in butter. They're really succulent, really cool looking, and people are surprised by them. They typically don't cook them and they are just very delicious, especially if you're doing poultry as a main.

That's great. Things like pates are easy to whip out and hold well as well. Torta di Verdure. Each week, The Splendid Table brings you stories that expand your world view, inspire you to try something new, and show how food brings us together. We rely on you to do this. You have the power to keep us cooking, sharing these stories, and helping you in the kitchen. Your gift only takes a few minutes and has a lasting impact on The Splendid Table. Listen: Taking the long cut with Anya Fernald. More from The Splendid Table.

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Home Cooked: Essential Recipes for a New Way to Cook

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Get our weekly recipe email Email Address. Categories: Cooking ahead; Vegan; Vegetarian Ingredients: tomatoes; lemons. Categories: Sauces for meat; Argentinian; Uruguayan; Vegan; Vegetarian Ingredients: parsley; garlic; fresh oregano; rosemary; thyme; fresh bay leaves; dried red pepper flakes; sherry vinegar Accompaniments: Chicken-fried rabbit ; Rack of goat ; Rack of lamb ; Simple seared beef heart Bookshelf. Categories: Sauces for meat; Argentinian; Italian; Uruguayan Ingredients: breadcrumbs; parsley; garlic; anchovies; fresh oregano; olive oil Accompaniments: Chicken-fried rabbit ; Rack of goat ; Rack of lamb ; Simple seared beef heart Bookshelf.

Categories: Sauces, general; Barbadian Bajan ; Vegan; Vegetarian Ingredients: fresh turmeric; white vinegar; white onions; Scotch bonnet chiles; Dijon mustard Accompaniments: Oil-packed sardines ; Olive oil crackers. DKennedy on August 29, This sauce is wow-worthy. DKennedy on September 04, I am making a second batch of the tomato sauce part of this recipe. Reviews about this book Food52 Anya Fernald And her execution is unfussy, with the singular goal of making delicious, exuberantly flavored, unpretentious food with the best ingredients.

Inspired by the humble traditions of cucina povera , the frugal cooking of Italian peasants, Anya brings a forgotten pragmatism to home cooking; making use of seasonal bounty by canning and preserving fruits and vegetables, salt curing fish, simmering flavorful broths with leftover bones, and transforming tough cuts of meat into supple stews and sauces with long cooking. These building blocks become the basis for a kitchen repertoire that is inspired, thrifty, environmentally sound, and most importantly, bursting with flavor.

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