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A widowed, former basketball all-star lost family foundation in a struggle with addiction and attempts to comeback by becoming the coach of a disparate, ethnically mixed high school basketball team at his alma mater. The project sounds a lot like Argo and the source material is certainly interesting.

A long time coming: primary healthcare renewal in Canada.

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Long Time Coming

Sign in. Log into your account. Privacy Policy. Sign up. Long Time Coming is a companion quest in Fallout 4. Nick Valentine is still disturbed by "Nick's" memories, and tells of an old gangster named Eddie Winter , who used to be one of the largest crime bosses in Boston. Eddie Winter had planned to live forever, and, as such, invested into a radiation experiment that turned him into a ghoul. Due to this, he hid in a bunker under a sub shop he used as a hideout pre-War. Upon accepting the quest Nick Valentine gives 1 of the 10 holotapes the Sole Survivor needs to get a code to unlock Eddie Winter's bunker.

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The remaining nine are in the various police stations in Boston; having them unlocked before reaching the required affinity with Nick Valentine can save time. Talk to Nick and give him all holotapes. Then follow him to Andrew station.

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Enter the subway and follow Nick all the way to Eddie's bunker. Follow Nick out of the facility, then talk to him to end the quest. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ].

Mo3 - Long Time Coming (Prod by Rob Stovall) Shot by Dr. Stuncci

He thinks the Commonwealth's police evidence terminals should be able to point me towards the tapes. I should turn them over to Nick.

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Now it's time to head to Andrew Station and put an end to Eddie. Now Nick says he has one more thing to take care of.

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  • Suppose I should follow his lead. PC If you already cleared Andrew Station before getting to that part of the quest, Nick can get stuck standing at the beginning of the instance and later, during the dialogue with Eddie, fail to say his lines to Eddie - leaving the conversation stuck with the player in dialogue with Eddie but no lines being spoken.

    To fix this situation; first teleport Nick to the bunker door with 2f Nick should then enter the room and progress the conversation as intended. If this doesn't work teleport Eddie where he has to be between the beam and the wall, in front of the door with 14bf Now the conversation will begin [verified] PC Once Nick receives all the 10 holotapes, he'll immediately go by himself to meet Eddie Winter in Andrew Station , no matter where or when in the game he is. At this point, the player will have to follow him and sometimes Nick will vanish during that travel.

    Most likely he will be waiting inside Andrew Station if he disappears, but if he's not there, using the console command player. It can be found in the garden at Abernathy farm. May also occur on other platforms. To start the quest via the command console type setstage ms07c 0.

    This will transport the player character to Diamond City market, outside of Nick's office and enable the starting dialogue for the quest. Playstation 4 Sometimes Nick will stop moving during the final 'Follow Nick' objective, telling him to leave you as a companion will start him walking.