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As theoretical physics underpins many areas of research, relevance may also be within other research EPSRC themes such as ICT or Energy, where the fundamental properties require a theoretical physics investigation.

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The Mathematical Sciences theme supports research in theoretical physics with a strong mathematical or conceptual content, and in areas of mathematics suggested by questions in physics. Examples of activities supported include the study and development of:.

How physicists solved the problem of infinity

STFC supports theoretical research in particle physics, particle cosmology, theoretical astronomy and cosmology, and areas related or relevant to these. Its theoretical activity includes:. Main Navigation Toggle navigation. Section Navigation Toggle navigation. Abraham, R.

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  1. The Definitive Guide to Plone, Second Edition.
  2. Immunosenescence.
  3. Gödel and Turing enter quantum physics.
  4. Conferences and Meetings on Mathematical Physics.
  5. Key information;
  6. A struggle for the soul of theoretical physics.
  7. Theoretical Physics: Bad Science??

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Theoretical Physics: Bad Science?

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Five Great Problems in Theoretical Physics

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January 23–29, 1975, Kyoto University, Kyoto/Japan

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