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But now Boj is dying from AIDS and Laytham is trying to do right by his old friend the only way he knows how — by dealing out the pain on Slorzack. Except Slorzack is an enigma, a shadow, and as Laytham follows the trail of bodies he begins to realise that he may have bitten off more than he can chew. Pursuing Slorzack with occult magic, his wits, and his fists, Laytham carves his way through occult New York, a place of murder clubs, BDSM dungeons, and homicidal deities.

Belcher does a fine job of walking that tight rope between humour and grittiness, and there really is a geeky comic book talent to how Belcher weds the wacky elements with graphic violence. One of the peculiar things about urban fantasy is the way first-person with a strong, lively interior voice has become the default.

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Nightwise balances expertly over the chasm between humour and horror, never becoming so clever that the horror and grimness fades away, never becoming so unrelentingly dark that all hope is lost. Grab Nightwise in hardback from Galaxy Bookstore by clicking on the logo below:. Durand Welsh.

His dream is to one day grow a beard, preferably his own. September 21, September 19, September 11, Review: Nightwise by R. The Matrix Dragon was destroyed by the Energy Liger , with all four of its component Zoids being written off. The Nightwise was featured in Legacy as a separate Zoid, fully capable of flight.

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It's wings and missiles were available as a weapon for some other Zoids, called the 'Night Missile'. Matrix Dragon was also featured in Zoids Scramble.

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The Nightwise comes on three frames, along with a frame of connector pegs that is shared with several other Blox Zoids , three black Blox, one silver Core Blox, a canopy cover, a grey pilot and label sheets. The Nightwise is molded in silver and gray with clear orange eyes and canopy. The Zoid is not motorized, but it is very flexible, and can be manually posed.


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The Nightwise was released as a part of the Z-Builders line by Hasbro. This version was identical to the Blox version, save for packaging. The Nightwise was also released in very limited numbers as a part of the New Pacific Release. The Nightwise was released as part of the Fuzors line.

There were no physical changes to the model.