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OpenVMS administration best practices and utilitiesSystem management strategies that support business objectivesUpdated references to latest HP documents and other WWW resourcesNew chapter summarizing software installationNew appendix to help the hobbyist get started. Kortext is an ebook and etextbook provider for universities, university students and for anyone who loves to read.

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Another important capability is monitoring Application Logs. Thresholds can be set to determine the level at which an alert will be generated. It has a very small operational footprint, is non-proprietary, and dependable.

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April 2001

Below is an overview of the data available in the MIBs. The table below summarizes the available traps. A minimum of 35, free blocks is required on the system disk to install DECevent software.

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Locate the JTquota: field. Notice the JTquota is in this example. This chapter explains how to run the installation procedure for the DECevent utility.

Allow 15 minutes to complete the installation. This section contains an example of a successful DECevent installation. Within the installation procedures are questions that you must answer to complete the installations.

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Follow all responses to questions with a carriage return. Responses in the examples are shown in uppercase letters.

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A product authorization tool PAK license is required in order to utilize the DECevent analysis and notification added-value options. Refer to TIMA documentation for specifics. If a version of DECevent software prior to V2.

Andy Goldstein on the New File System for OpenVMS v.9.0

If installing DECevent from a tape drive, make sure the installation tape is mounted and on-line.