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We perceive that something is out of place in that condition. The Apostle Paul understood this danger in his own life as it related to God his Creator and Christ his Savior, and it was a good thing. His ministry featured signs and wonders; many converted to the Lord on at least two continents based on his preaching and teaching. In that sense, the Corinthians themselves are commendation for Paul, and in that work he has great confidence 2 Corinthians What would happen if Paul rooted this confidence in what he could perceive in the physical realm?

What if Paul thought that it was by his own strength, cunning, and persuasive ability that the Corinthians were converted to Jesus? It would be very tempting; it would satisfy the natural conceit that dwells within us all. He could feel quite important, vaunting in his position. In short, his pride could quickly undo all the work that had been done!

And that is why Paul hastens to declare that whereas the conversion of the Corinthians is his confidence in Christ toward God, it was not from his own strength or power; indeed, he declares that he has no sufficiency in himself 2 Corinthians His sufficiency is from God; God is the one who made him sufficient to minister in this new covenant through Christ Jesus 2 Corinthians Paul recognizes that he is the instrument; God is the power and provides what is sufficient to accomplish His purpose cf. Some have taken his words to mean that the believer is able to do nothing at all, becoming entirely passive agents of God.

Others, in seeking to avoid this extreme, go the other way, and over-emphasize the free will of mankind and come dangerously close to declaring their own sufficiency, albeit in a limited frame.

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What, then, are we to understand from what Paul has declared here? Times 20th century. Table of Contents Resurrecting an old heresy Treasure or trash? Does God need a psychiatrist? Truth in a world of theory Psychological sanctification? Bible-believing doubters Religious hedonism The quest for something more A balance of faith and effort Spiritual warfare: who's after whom? Sufficient grace Epilogue: Perfect sufficiency. Edition Notes Includes bibliographical references p. Subtitle from cover.

Copyright Date M Number of pages Dimensions 24 x x centimeters. Download for print-disabled. Too often, the church has accepted the world's thinking that psychology is needed to help people with the really difficult problems and issues of life rather than the wisdom of God's Word applied and lived out in the strength of God's Spirit. Too often Christians have bought the world's message that we need to turn inward and empty our minds to find spiritual fulfillment and peace rather than turning outward and looking to Christ and filling our minds with God's Word.

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Too often we disbelieve God's instruction to do God's work God's way and church leaders adopt instead the methods of the corporate business growth model to attempt to grow their churches and get the kind of results that they would like to see instead of faithfully preaching and teaching the Word and trusting God with the results whether or not those results always look the way we want them to. MacArthur repeatedly calls us back to find our sufficiency in the all-sufficiency of God in Christ and in the truth, potency and universal applicability of the Word of God.

And he reminds us that this is not a new battle but rather just one battle in the perennial war against God and his Word - "has God really said? All Christians should read this simple manual on how to recognize and reject repackaged Gnosticism. Oct 15, Sylvia rated it really liked it.

If baptism, prayers, fasting, wearing special garments, church attendance, various kinds of abstinences, or other religious duties are necessary to earn salvation, then Christ's work is not truly sufficient. That makes a mockery of the gospel," pg. All of the beliefs, methods, and practices highlighted throughout this book are those which have steadily increased in popularity in some religious circles.

A popularity MacArthur argues diminishes the reliance Christians should seek through Christ.

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MacArthur isn't shy about aiming straight at the heart of these different beliefs, movements, and practices, and he does so with a breadth of scripture at his side. MacArthur's ability to properly interpret and place scripture into context strengthens his argument and call for Christians churches to turn to and believe in the sufficiency of Christ and Christ alone, not man- made mechanisms that have no biblical footing.

Our Sufficiency in Christ by John MacArthur aids Christians in identifying the error of these mechanisms while highlighting what they have in Christ- the sufficiency of Christ and Christ alone. So you need to see a psychologist: Why? Why if God, the one who created you, will have the answer?

This is one of the main questions this book asks - I have to add a big BUT , though: But, I did in fact need to see a psychologist and my then boyfriend, to be husband, convinced me of it. People do go through trouble and do need such kind of help I've learned. The main thing is to keep God, God and the psychologist just another member of the human race.

John MacArthur underlines this fact and rem So you need to see a psychologist: Why?

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John MacArthur underlines this fact and reminds you that if it's not about Jesus, what is it about? For those reading the book in Afrikaans: It's quite clearly a translated book. Something I find rather disappointing.

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I mean, if you are going to make the book available in another language, it really doesn't need to come across as a translated text, but as a unique, original text. PS: I have to add that I only agreed to see a Christian psychologist in the end that too has ended now. MacArthur makes some good points in this volume. There is much here to be considered. It is one thing to talk about grace, and another thing to trust that God's grace is sufficient to meet all of our needs.

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Apart from a few places which lean too much toward Calvinism more than necessary, this is otherwise a good treatment of an important Scriptural subject. Apr 18, Francis Gahren rated it it was amazing Shelves: christian , classics. One of America's most respected pastors looks at how true spiritual resources have been displaced by mysticism, pragmatism and psychology, and gives the church a renewed understanding of what it means to be complete in Christ. Jul 11, Darby Hughes rated it really liked it Shelves: christian-living , theology. Good treatment of many of the contemporary abuses and strayings of the evangelical church compared to a biblical call to church ministry.

Corrects many issues with clear, expositional thought. A few babies may have been thrown out with bathwater on this one, though Oct 14, Sean McGowan rated it really liked it Shelves: biblical-studies. Good book. Apr 19, John Brackbill rated it really liked it Shelves: print-book , read , sanctification , christ-s-sufficiency.

An oldie but a goodie. Get it read it.

A clariann call to the American church which has sold out on the sufficiency of Christ. Sep 03, Kevin rated it really liked it.

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This book really developed my thinking as I began life in Christ. Dec 03, Eric Durso rated it liked it Shelves: counseling. Anyone still waffling between psychology and biblical counseling needs to read this. A strong case explaining the implication of Christ's sufficiency.

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Jun 15, Glyn Williams rated it really liked it Shelves: favorites. Though I disagree somewhat on his position regarding music I believe he has change his stance a little since then , this is one of the best books I have read on the subject. One of MacArthur's best. I've read it twice. Dec 02, Douglas rated it it was amazing. Helps one to understand the biblical teaching of our sufficienty in Christ. Doesn't get any better than this! Nov 14, Eric rated it really liked it. Good against the self-help crap we are sold in most "churches".

Jan 18, Brock Snyder rated it it was amazing. MacArthur always puts things in plain perspective.