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AbeBooks Bookseller Since: 04 January Stock Image. Rope or wire was run between these loops to help hold in place branches from trees and bushes used as camouflage. Starting in September a few Panzer V Ausf. G Panther tanks had a F. When he moved the scope up and down an attached steel band, that had been fed through a hole in the turret roof, connected with a new indicator that showed the gunner the correct elevation.

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The watt screened infrared light and receiver gun sight optic had a range of m in clear weather. It is not known exactly how many Panther tanks were fitted with this device or used on the battlefield. On 5 October M. Another thirty were scheduled to be completed in October and a further thirty in December On 15 January M.

It cannot be confirmed if this was done. In November , Rheinmetall designed a new turret with a narrow front plate mm 4. The narrow turret presented a smaller target and spared weight as well. Several of these turrets, housing an adapted 75 mm 2. G was, however, not the last Panther version. Two major overhauls were attempted, the Panther II and the Ausf.

The most distinctive feature of the latter was the new Schmallturm narrow turret and improved gun. None ever saw action before the end of the war. It should be noted that two features of the Ausf. G were well ahead of their time. Night infrared targeting systems and poison gas protection a forerunner of NBC protections were characteristics of the MBTs of the fifties and sixties. The E 50 program inherited most of the ideas concerning the Panther II.

The E series made good use of industrial commonality between models, for the sake of mass-production. The E 50 corresponded to the 50 ton class medium tank, and was scheduled to replace the original Panther. The plans for a prototype built by MAN included a Tiger II -like hull and mechanical parts, including the drivetrain and new steel-rimmed wheels, paired and not interleaved. The idea emerged in , due to problems in recovering heavy and medium tanks with usual methods. Previous recovery vehicles like the Sd. The development was carried out by MAN. After the Tiger was seen as not meeting the desired requirements, the Panther was chosen instead.

First Bergepanthers were completed on Panther Ausf. D chassis, in which only the turret was removed by the manufacturer. By the end of , the more reliable Ausf. Gs were used for these conversions. The crew consisted of at least three soldiers, the towing apparatus was operated by two soldiers in the vehicle. They sat in the central tower, a square wooden and metal structure, with longitudinal tensile reinforcements for 40 tons embedded in the chassis.


A large earth spade at the rear served to support traction. In addition, the simple crane boom had a 1. The Bergepanther was quite reliable and could be used in enemy territory, receiving a single MG 34 or 42 for self-defense at the front, or a Buglafette for a 20 mm 0. Its towing capacity allowed to salvage Tigers and even heavier vehicles.

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Official designation was 8. Thus, it was reliable mechanically and even more agile than the regular Panther, while being able to destroy any single Allied tank of the time. The idea was to put the most powerful AA system on the Panther chassis, to provide each Abteilung with its anti-air defense, when it was needed most. By the fall of , Allied air superiority over Europe was a constant threat to any operation.

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Rheinmetall proposed a special twin 3. The first prototype was not even built when the war ended. A single unit was captured, a Panther. D chassis with a mock-up turret mounted on it. The amount of Panzer V Panther tanks produced was recorded by chassis number Fgst. The factory completion figures did not record the Ausfuehrung information.

Panther tank production occurred at factories belonging to the following companies: Daimler-Benz, M. A few were built by Demag. As you can see the figures do not match.

Revue Panther variants in Color - TankPower 06 - Livre - English

Total number produced using Chassis Number data Fgst. Total produced using monthly factory completion data Total Total Total Grand total 5, Panzer Tracts No. Spielberger Ed Webster — Armor calculations. Panzer V Panther Ausf. D-1 at the end of the battle of Kursk, July Despite the shortcomings of the earliest series, once corrected, the few Panthers that saw action there in the latter part of the battle did very well. It was one of the many field conversions using surplus Panzer IV Ausf.

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H turrets and serving as command tanks. D-2 at Kursk, July This one was part of the batch which returned to the battle with many modifications, including the new KwK 43 gun. D, regimental vehicle from Panzer Abteilung 51, one of the very first units equipped with Panthers.

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Central front, August , in the aftermath of the battle of Kursk. D from the Panzer Abteilung 51, 1st Company, battle of Kursk, summer D, late production from the 24th Panzer Regiment in Normandy, June D, 2nd Kompanie, 15th Panzerregiment, 11th Panzerdivision, Russia, fall Stabs-Panzerbefehlswagen, 8th Kompanie, 5th Pz.

Rgt, 5th SS PzDiv. The second version produced, up-armored. This was also the heaviest Panther, weighing 48 tons, the original planned weight of the Tiger. Barkmann, a veteran tank gunner of the campaigns, was credited to be an excellent shot. After being wounded during Operation Barbarossa, he returned on the Eastern Front in , then became Sergeant and, as a tank commander, he participated in the battle of Kharkov.

He distinguished himself at Prokhorovka and during the aftermath of the Kursk battle, on a Panzer IV.