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The research team was interested in how use of the simulator impacted use of general anesthesia, procedure cost and wait times for subsequent MRI exams. Benjamin Taragin, M.

He reached out to Lego as a potential collaboration partner, but received no interest, effectively stalling the project. He and several colleagues at Montefiore are switching tracks, however, and hope to start a research project soon to investigate whether the Lego models are helping reduce anesthesia use in pediatric MRI procedures. When it comes to interacting with children, there are few better ways to reach out than through technology.

A study published in October by the nonprofit group Common Sense Media found the amount of time children aged 8 and younger spend staring at a mobile screen has more than tripled in the last four years, and 42 percent of that age bracket have their own tablet device, compared to just 7 percent in This shift has provided new opportunities to interact with patients — both pediatric and adult — at a different level not always possible in the traditional patient-provider relationship.

Vendor and provider groups have developed new mobile applications in recent years that look to improve the patient MRI experience before they even come to the hospital. Siemens U.

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Patients can:. Philips Healthcare was one of the first to offer an enhanced patient experience with its Ambient Experience program, which incorporates architecture, design and other technologies for lighting and sound to create a more relaxed environment for the scan. For MRI scans specifically, Philips offers the Ambient Experience in-bore Connect, which projects video inside the bore to both calm and instruct patients — they can find themselves on a beach, for instance, with a voice alerting them when the gantry will be moving or when they need to hold their breath.

In pediatric cases, the children can be prompted to select a theme, which will then be played out in the room pre-exam and inside the bore during the scan. While technologies like simulators and mobile apps are key methods for reducing patient anxiety for MRI, ultimately they can be employed as elements of a broader strategy of patient-centered care. According to team member Nicolaj L. Christensen, M. A free custom mobile application designed specifically for children ages 4 to 10 and their parents to help prepare for an MRI exam.


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The application is interactive and game-based, centered around a forest theme and a troll character named Ronald, which were already part of the pediatric strategy at Lillebaelt Hospital. But experienced pediatric RTs may earn a little more because of their soft skills, Gray says. You need an open personality to work with the kids and the ability to discuss situations with the parents.

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Related Articles. Comments By commenting, you agree to Monster's privacy policy , terms of use and use of cookies. This CT technology performs exams in seconds, increases diagnostic accuracy and improves patient comfort and safety. The highly effective ceramic material and adaptive dose shield enables the lowest radiation dose in each scan.

Unmatched image quality offers a more accurate image allowing physicians to see exams in greater detail than ever before. Service Category.