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Albert Ball VC There are also several replicas, most of them also airworthy.

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Lupton, CO. William C.

Lambert — was a chemist born in Ohio who crossed the border in to join the Royal Canadian Artillery. He was assigned to the Nobel cordite factory in Montreal, but after several tries, in early he managed to join the Canadian component of the Royal Flying Corps, trained in Canada and arrived at the Front in November as a pilot assigned to No.

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Well, this is an S. Anyway, Please upvote and enjoy it, I spent over 7 days working on it, getting angry at it, forgetting about it, then remembering it and finishing it.

Wings Of Glory WWI Miniatures: RAF Se.5a (McLudden)

Fun fact: the S. The Royal Aircraft Factory S. It was one of the fastest aircraft of the war, while being both stable and relatively manoeuvrable. According to aviation author Robert Jackson, the S. Thus, while the first examples had reached the Western Front before the Camel, there were fewer squadrons equipped with the S.

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Together with the Camel, the S. In-stock items reflect online stock levels only and may differ in each store. Please contact us for item availability in store. Store transfers and holds available on request.

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  • Folland and J. Kenworthy, decided to employ the new French h. Hispano Suiza engine in a plane of new design.

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    The first flight of the prototype RAF S. Goodden took place towards the end of , and in April the first machines were delivered to 56 Squadron of the Royal Flying Corps. Later the design was modified; it received the more powerful h.

    get link The performance of the new fighter more than satisfied the military: the S. There were many difficulties involved in manufacturing it in sufficient quantity and, in addition, this engine was required by the French SPAD fighters. An insignificant number of the S.

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    • Wolseley Motors engineers were obliged to improve the basic Hispano Suiza design. Externally similar to its predecessor, the new engine was named the Wolseley Viper.

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      The capacity of the engine remained constant, however now its running during flight was stable and reliable. So at last, at the end of , the Royal Flying Corps had received the right machine to gain an advantage in the sky. The RAF S. Flight characteristics of the S.