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The Question of Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Translated by Peter J. Jouvenel, Bertrand de. Edited by John T. Scott, 79— New York: Routledge, Masters, Roger.

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The Political Philosophy of Rousseau. Melzer, Arthur. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, Shklar, Judith N. A brilliant and psychologizing interpretation of Rousseau, as an unsparing and deeply pessimistic critic of modernity, who proposes mutually incompatible and unrealizable proposals for moral and political reform.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712—1778)

Starobinski, Jean. Jean-Jacques Rousseau: Transparency and Obstruction.

Translated by Arthur Goldhammer. Strauss, Leo. Then the most significant preconstitutional ideas are outlined, together with analyses of how they harmonize with the Constitution and how… More. By systematically… More. From the publisher: For more than two centuries, the political writings of Jean-Jacques Rousseau have helped shape many different responses to historical experience.

From the publisher: Few thinkers have enjoyed so pervasive an influence as Rousseau, who originated dissatisfaction with modernity. By exploring polarities articulated by Rousseau—nature versus society, self versus other, community versus individual, and… More. Excerpt: I shall speak of the question of Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

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From the publisher: A collection of critical essays by two different authors but with one common purpose: to consider the response of Jean-Jacques Rousseau to the challenges posed in the political philosophy of Thomas Hobbes. Specifically, we discuss the… More. The antithesis between order and disorder is a… More. How did this change come to pass? I do not know. What can make it legitimate? I believe I can resolve this question. Christopher Kelly argues that this… More. However, far from representing a compromise of the principles of equality and consent, the… More.

Excerpt: Rousseau had begun the Discourse on the Origin of Inequality with the conjecture or abstraction of isolated, self-sufficient beings—one hesitates to call them men—and gone on to show how difficult, indeed how impossible it is to conceive why or… More. From the publisher: In the first two essays of this book, Louis Althusser analyses the work of two of the greatest thinkers of the Enlightenment — Montesquieu and Rousseau.

He shows that although they made considerable advances towards establishing a… More.

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Fralin… More. Poland , then to… More. Man is motivated by two forces. One is… More. Excerpt: In recent years a debate over the status of classical theories of democracy seems to be shaping up. From the publisher: Jean-Jacques Rousseau was the first modern man. In making his case, Hont begins with the concept of commercial society and explains why that concept has much in common with what the German philosopher Immanuel Kant called unsocial sociability. This is why many earlier scholars used to refer to an Adam Smith Problem and, in a somewhat different way, to a Jean-Jacques Rousseau Problem.

The two problems-and the questions about the relationship between individualism and altruism that they raised-were, in fact, more similar than has usually been thought because both arose from the more fundamental problems generated by thinking about morality and politics in a commercial society. Commerce entails reciprocity, but a commercial society also entails involuntary social interdependence, relentless economic competition, and intermittent interstate rivalry.

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This was the world to which Rousseau and Smith belonged, and Politics in Commercial Society is an account of how they thought about it. Building his argument on the similarity between Smith's and Rousseau's theoretical concerns, Hont shows the relevance of commercial society to modern politics-the politics of the nation-state, global commerce, international competition, social inequality, and democratic accountability.

Toon meer Toon minder. Recensie s David Hume, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and Adam Smith probed deeply into the moral and political dimensions of what has come to be known as capitalism. Istvan Hont's beautifully executed lectures reaffirm why it is worthwhile to know and interpret Enlightenment thought and, in particular, grapple with the timeless question of the trade-off between economic growth and political stability.

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He certainly succeeds in forcing readers to rethink the relations between Smith and Rousseau and in deepening understanding of them. Hont was convinced that the eighteenth-century thinkers had exhausted the possibilities available to us for understanding modernity, and the deep seriousness with which he approached the subject comes through on every page.


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Politics in Commercial Society Eighteenth-century political theory, as Hont's iconoclastic work shows, still has much to teach us. Reviews Schrijf een review. Kies je bindwijze.