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This may indeed be so, but I was also impressed with the later pieces included in this volume, these being tauter than the earlier ones and no less rewarding.

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The concentration on the younger Herder means that we miss out on his response to Kant's Critique of Judgment, the Kalligone of This is, Moore says, 'interesting, misguided and unfortunately very long' ix , but then why not give us some excerpts? The main reason would seem to be Moore's commitment to providing entire pieces.

Johann Gottfried Herder: Selected Writings on Aesthetics.

From one point of view this is of course laudable, but some readers will, I suspect, wish that Moore had been more selective as other translators of Herder have been, for example Michael Forster, Marcia Bunge, and F. This is especially the case with Author: Meade McCloughan.

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Date: Aug. From: Philosophy in Review Vol.

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