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Nothing at first sight. Yet the distance scales, the energy transfers, the way these objects react to an external field are very similar. For the first time, this book offers an introduction to the physics of these soft materials in one single volume.

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A variety of experiments and concepts are presented, including the phenomena of capillarity and wetting, fractals, small volumes and large surfaces, colloids, surfactants, giant micelles and fluid membranes, polymers, and liquid crystals. Each chapter is written by experts in the field with the aim of making the book accessible to the widest possible scientific audience: graduate students, lecturers, and research scientists in physics, chemistry, and other disciplines.

Nobel Prize winner Pierre-Gilles de Gennes inspired this book and has written a foreword.

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I would like to suggest that soft matter physics can be one of these subjects. This subject is linked with many phenomena in the real world, there are beautiful and simple experiments that can be performed, the mathematics to describe these systems is in itself fascinating I already mentioned fractals, but some theories that describes the shapes of membranes and vesicles are cousins of those used in string theory and finally, these products are of high technological value.


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This book is a rich source of inspiration for starting such a course. The book design is catching with instructive and inspiring figures, which are often in colour and are of outstanding quality. It awakes a love for the themes covered. It is a beautiful and nobly designed book, written with much didactiv commitment.

Experimental Soft Matter Physics

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Physics Condensed Matter Physics. Free Preview. A significant portion of the book deals with defects of topological nature that accompany various types of order.

The book concludes with chapters on surface phenomena, stability of colloidal systems, and structural properties of polymers. The detailed exposition, the emphasis on physical principles, and the exercises at the end of each chapter will make this book a valuable introduction for graduate students and researchers to this rapidly growing field.

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Laverntovich , Oleg D.. Schwarz , Cristian I.

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Topology and Its Applications William F. Maurice Kleman.