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In response to this the Loyalist party is planning a civil war to restore rule under the Supreme Mandate, which guaranteed life, liberty and equality for all life forms on Tarizon.

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The Loyalist Party, however, is weak and there is little hope it will be able to defeat Videl Lai and his formidable army. The only hope seems to be a prophecy that foretells of the arrival of a Liberator from Earth who would lead a revolt to rid Tarizon of a ruthless dictator. When the Loyalist learn of Peter's arrival from Earth, some believe he is the one promised in the Prophecy, but many are skeptical. All agree, however, that the appearance of the long anticipated Liberator, at this critical time, would greatly enhance their chances of victory over Videl Lai and the Purists.

When Videl Lai learns of Peter's imminent arrival and the possibility that he might be the Liberator, he vows to have him killed the moment he sets foot on Tarizon.

William Manchee

A Stan Turner Mystery. In this 8th episode of the series Dallas attorney Stan Turner struggles to keep his practice going in the wake of the tragic loss of his son and his rapidly disintegrating marriage. Stan, who has been recruited by the CIA for its ultra top secret Tarizon Repopulation project, gets his first assignment to defend a woman accused of murdering her children and alien husband. The alien husband, however, is not from Mexico but Tarizon, a planet in another solar system.

Stan must not only prove his client innocent but also make sure nobody finds out that the government is allowing aliens to live and propagate on Earth. While Stan is busy with his CIA project, Paula is asked to defend the accused in the arson-murder of a prominent scientist and his family. While a bitter feud between neighbors over a barking dog and a chain link fence appears to be the motive for the crime, Paula discovers several others who have benefited from Chester Brown's death.

Tarizon: The Liberator

In the midst of the two murder cases Stan is lured into a dangerous relationship with an alien woman assigned to him as a legal assistant. He soon learns that the women of Tarizon are even more mysterious and dangerous than those on Earth.

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Cactus Island. Stan is called out to Possum Kingdom Lake in Central Texas where a boy scout has been killed in a tragic Jeep accident. At first glance it appears to be just a typical case of a reckless teenager driving too fast, but the teenager, Steven Caldwell, insists the accident wasn't his fault. He claims he was distracted by an alien spacecraft flying overhead.

At first Stan thinks his client's story is ridiculous, but as his investigation progresses he discovers his client may be telling the truth. M anchee provides his readers with a dexterously plotted tale that ties everything together with a surprise ending. And even if you don't believe in space ships and aliens, you have to admit that this would make great courtroom drama- if it actually happened! Writer Manchee has set together another great milieu of engaging, convincing characters, predicaments and blunders.

The tale Manchee weaves in Cactus Island brings us another great romp with full time lawyer part time sleuth Stan Turner and his law partner Paula Waters. While this is a mystery, there is no denying the dash of science fiction adds flavor to the story. It is told in first person narrative by Stan Turner and his partner Paula, who alternate chapters, which makes it somewhat unique in character. It's Black Monday , October 17, , and there are three murders in Dallas that night. Paula ends up defending the man accused of the double homicide and Stan discovers he is the executor of this ladies' estate and has to figure out who killed her and the dogs in such a bizarre fashion and why.

If that isn't enough, with the stock market crash and the nation's banking system falling into crisis, Stan is asked by the CIA to help an operative unravel an IRS garnishment and ends up caught in a fire-fight between the CIA and the FBI. Settle down to a good mystery from an excellent writer , September 18, I became a fan of William Manchee with his novel Plastic Gods.

One of the tightest plots and best writing styles I had seen in quite a while With a multitude of well-crafted sub-plots and a writing style that keeps the reader glued to the book, William Manchee has really crafted a masterpiece of mystery. Always keeping the reader guessing though each twist and turn this is one of the most exciting novels I've read this year. Black Monday is highly recommended to everyone who enjoys passing the evening with a good mystery. After two tough years practicing law, Stan and his family take a well deserved vacation to Colorado. Unfortunately the vacation is cut short when a client is found standing over the body of a dead IRS agent.

It appears to be an open and shut case since Dusty Thomas has had a long feud with the dead agent Bobby Tuttle, and more than enough motive to kill him, yet he claims to be innocent. Stan's new partner Paula Waters convinces Stan to finish his vacation promising to handle Dusty Thomas' arraignment and get an investigation underway. While Stan is away, she makes good on her promise and even manages to arrange financing for Dusty's defense. The second is who will be allowed into the domed city of Shisk?

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The story is a great mix of political drama and action. If you like a good story I highly suggest you read this one. I am SO reading this series out of order! It can be a bit confusing, but they are wonderful no matter what! Won this one here on Goodreads. Once I get through my backlog of to read books I will catch up the rest of the series. Loved this! A great read by a great author. Wonderful book-loved all the quirky characters, especially Threebeard and Rupra.

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It was full of twists and plots with an ending I did not expect. Thousands of years ago a group of explorers were sent out from the planet Pharidon to find new habitats for their exploding population. After years of searching without success the explorers split up with one finally discovering Earth and the other Tarizon.

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