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For me, this was a bit of a disappointment. They need to defend the innocent humans while not being caught by the traitor.

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Yet it never comes to this. Somehow, the threat of the situation just evaporates. The infiltration of the Yeerk Pool in The Underground had higher stakes than this mission did. Who on earth picks up a series twenty books in and half-way through a trilogy? The mind boggles. The Discovery and The Threat also both end on very abrupt cliffhangers, so you really need to read all three books back to back to get any sense of completeness. Yet the David side of the story is really compelling.

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I found him to be an fascinating character. Although it was clear that David could be nasty, it was at this point that the reader saw what he was truly capable of.

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Morphing for David is like the Ring of Gyges — he loses all sense of morality when he realises that he has the power to get away with everything. When David finally turns on the Animorphs, I actually found him to be more frightening than Visser Three. The Visser is a powerful alien soldier. David is a human teen, just the same as the rest of the Animorphs.

He has the same strengths and weaknesses as they do, as well as knowledge of their true identities, which makes him far more dangerous. The question about whether David should be allowed to just walk away is very much like the one debated in the climax of The Warning but I think that Applegate handled it far better this time around.

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I felt deeply unsettled when Jake allowed the killer to escape in The Warning. With David, the Animorphs manage to find a control method that removes David as a threat without killing him. Surprisingly, the one most effected this time is Rachel. The Solution has actually been one of my favourite novels to date as it is the point in which Rachel is forced to see herself the way that her friends do.

Over the series, Rachel has become increasingly bloodthirsty and made some really questionable decisions. The realisation that the other Animorphs view her as being thuggish comes as somewhat of a shock to her, leading to a particularly powerful argument between her and Jake:. More than any of the others except Tobias. I feel like this war is to you like booze is to an alcoholic. This is a chronological list of the Animorphs books by K.

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The Proposal Animorphs Elfangor's Secret Animorphs Megamorphs 3. The Arrival Animorphs The Sickness Animorphs In the Time of Dinosaurs Animorphs Megamorphs 2.

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