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Subgames are represented as paintings on the wall. The map gives players an overview of their score and the countries they can already visit. Players need to fill the refrigerator in accordance with a given proportion e.

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If there are z bottles of Fanta in the refrigerator, how many bottles of cola do you need? The assignment appears on the white board.

Players can place the correct amount of bottles in the refrigerator by clicking or by dragging the bottles. By closing the door they receive feedback. Players need to complete a cocktail in accordance with a provided recipe. The recipe is written on the white board.

The blender already contains a mixture of yoghurt and strawberry juice, but the quantity of the ingredients in the blender does not fit the recipe. The players can add the ingredients by dragging the bottles over the blender. The players need to serve the drink that matches the order e. The player needs to drag the correct pitcher to the serving tray.

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The game has several tools to aid gameplay. In an interactive tutorial players learn the game mechanics, that is, they receive information about the tasks and the actions that are possible in the game to perform the task. A content related tutorial gives players information about the different proportional reasoning problems and the strategies they can use to solve these problems. This tutorial can be activated whenever needed.

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Players can also add a column to the representation of the problem to help them to simplify the first ratio. In this column they can fill out their interim solution so they do not have to calculate too much steps in their head. In addition, students can use a built-in calculator.

During the game players receive different kinds of feedback on their actions.

The feedback is either related to the:. The feedback is provided by a non-playable character NPG , an increase or decrease in score, or a visual representation of ranking. When a subgame is completed, players are automatically redirected to the map where they receive feedback on their performance.

The map shows which countries they can visit with the money they have earned. Furthermore, they see how their score relates to that of others. With this information players get an idea about how they are performing on the tasks compared to others. By interacting with the site, unlock badges to download and share. Top badge holders may get special surprises in email.


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From buzzworthy moments to winners, our history section looks back at five years of the Game Awards. Join the biggest names in entertainment to celebrate the best video games of , plus get a sneak preview of the future of the video game industry.

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