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They fail, however, and Castiel manages to claim all the souls in Purgatory for himself, and kills Raphael. A weakened Sam tries to kill the angel, but they discover that he is too powerful. Dean is confronted with the loss of someone that he considered a brother, and the terrifying prospect of a new, God-like enemy.

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As Castiel travels the world, wreaking havoc in his attempt to right the wrongs he sees, Dean despairs. He sees chance of stopping the angel , and instead resorts to drinking, focusing on the broken Impala , and worrying about Sam.

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As Castiel's actions become more erratic, Dean does come up with an option: binding Death , as Lucifer did. Dean, Bobby and Sam succeed in putting a spell on Death, but Castiel undoes it in a moment.

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Death does agree to assist in reopening Purgatory , but it is up to them to get Castiel to release the souls. Dean refuses to pray for Castiel to come, thinking there is no hope. Instead Sam prays, and eventually Castiel appears. Cas tries to apologize to Dean, but Dean is not forgiving.

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Cas returns the souls, and survives, but is taken over by Leviathans , which hung on inside him. Castiel disappears beneath the water, and Dean finds Castiel's trenchcoat at the shore, and takes it with him. Dean and Bobby take a disturbed Sam back to Bobby's place , and confront him about the consequences of losing his wall.

Sam admits that he is seeing Lucifer , and cannot tell if he is out of Hell , or still there. Dean worries about Sam as he leaves to investigate the first of the known Leviathan killings. Sam's hallucinations manifested as Dean, and led him to a warehouse as part of an imaginary hunt. Tormented by his visions, Sam nearly shoots the real Dean when he arrives. Dean, with as much calm as he can manage, grabs Sam's injured hand, and uses the pain of it and his own experiences in Hell to convince his brother that this is the real world.

When they return to the salvage yard, they find Bobby's house destroyed, and no sign of the hunter. Dean calls Bobby's phone, and leaves him a desperate, near suicidal, message, pleading for him to be alive. The brothers are attacked by Edgar the Leviathan in the salvage yard, and are so badly injured that they are taken to the Sioux Falls hospital, which is also infested with leviathans.

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Bobby appears in 7. As they heal, Dean continues to worry about Sam, though his brother insists he is well. When Sam disappears suddenly to investigate a case on his own, Dean follows his trail, and finds out that he was hunting a kitsune named Amy Pond who has been killing criminals. Sam met her when they were kids, before finding out what she was.

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He leaves her alive now because she was hunting for her sick son. Dean pretends to accept Sam's decision, but secretly goes after Amy and kills her. In the weeks that follow, Dean's worry over Sam and the Leviathans, and guilt over the Amy situation, overwhelm him. He sinks into alcohol dependency, even drinking on jobs. Sam cannot understand, and tries to get Dean to open up, while also attacking Dean's alcohol use. Matters are complicated when two Leviathans masquerade as Sam and Dean in 7.

Bobby sends them to Frank Devereaux , who gives them new fake IDs and insists that they hide the Impala , something to which Dean agrees with great reluctance. Sam and Dean are eventually caught by police, and the leviathans come after them. Dean manages to behead them with an axe, but not before the one pretending to be Dean reveals the truth about Amy to Sam.

The brothers separate for a time, but reunite to investigate a series of murders in 7. Dean receives an unexpected message from Ellen through a real medium, encouraging him to talk to Sam about how he feels. Dean obeys, and tells Sam he feels justified in killing Amy, but guilty about lying to Sam.

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Eventually they move on, and take their annual pilgrimage to Las Vegas, but life takes another odd detour in 7. Dean is forced to work with Garth , an unusual hunter, to get his brother back. In spite of his drugged state, Sam is able to help with the case, and Dean admits that Sam does not need him the same way that he used to. Sam suggests that Dean should be relieved, and that now he has a chance to look after himself instead. Dean does not seem comforted by the idea. Investigating murders in New Jersey during 7. They are tampering with the food supply through the Biggerson's Restaurant chain, and Dean ends up drugged by a turducken sandwich, which blocks his emotional turmoil.

After Dean recovers, they go after the leviathan test facility, but during their escape Bobby is shot in the head by Dick Roman.

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The boys rush him to the hospital, where an administrator asks Dean about organ donation. Dean is furious to the point of punching a wall. Outside the hospital, he sees Dick Roman. Dean taunts him, and promises vengeance. Bobby awakes briefly, gives the brothers a series of numbers , and dies. The brothers retreat to Rufus's cabin to mourn. Over the next three weeks, Dean obsesses about the numbers, and agrees to split up with Sam on a case during 7.

Dean has been losing track of time, and does not know that he gave Frank the numbers only four days before. Frank has identified them as map coordinates, and the two set up surveillance on the designated area.

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Dean passes out, and sleeps for thirty-six straight hours. When he wakes, Frank reveals that he lost his whole family to monsters, and advises Dean that he has two options: to quit, or to keep hunting, and smile while he does it. Dean considers Frank's words carefully, then sets out to find a missing Sam with Krissy Chambers. Dean gets similar advice from Eliot Ness in 7. Dean has a drunken one night stand with what turns out to be an Amazon in 7. Dean tries to persuade her that she does not need to be a monster, but she does not relent, and Sam kills her.

Dean's drinking slows after this, though he continues to carry Bobby's flask with him. During "Repo Man," Dean gets kidnapped by the former host of a demon they exorcised while searching for Lilith and as a result of allowing the Lucifer hallucination to help him find Dean, allowing it a stronger grip on Sam's mind. Dean searches for a faith healer, and to his surprise finds an amnesiac Cas serving as one. He takes Cas to Sam with Meg in tow, telling Cas that his brother was hurt by Dean's friend, and that Dean has not been able to forgive him.

At the hospital, Cas remembers who he is after fighting a group of demons, and Dean returns his coat. Cas takes on Sam's suffering, and remains at the hospital in a catatonic state watched by Meg. The brothers reteam with Garth in 7. The same idea has occurred to the brothers, but both are reluctant to believe it Bobby is shown to be watching over and helping them and they are finally able to see him in 7.

https://pugiwuru.ga Dean in particular is bothered by Bobby's presence, worrying that Bobby made the wrong decision in staying behind. Still, they work toward bringing down the leviathans, and manage to steal a tablet that is the Word of God from Dick Roman , and have a prophet named Kevin Tran translates it for them. Uncovering the tablet wakes Castiel, and Dean tries to get him involved in the fight, but Cas is hesitant and damaged and leaves. The brothers work on a weapon to defeat the Leviathans based on the tablet, and secure blood from the Alpha Vampire , Castiel, and Crowley for it.

Bobby meanwhile becomes vengeful, and asks the brothers to burn the flask, and send him away. They agree, and Dean burns it. He then asks Cas to transport him to the Impala , and tries again to get the angel to come with them in the attack on Dick as he is the key to finding the real Dick.