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It chronicles the rise to power of this ruthless Nazi leader, brilliantly played by Jason Clarke. Heydrich was not only the brains behind the plan to annihilate the Jewish people, he was also the leader of Czechoslovakia under Nazi occupation, and the head of the Sicherheitsdienst the SS intelligence agency. The first half looks at the unlikely ascent to power of Heydrich.

The man was a loser who was dismissed from the navy and then egged on by his flag-waving, National-Socialism-loving wife a cold, calculating Rosemund Pike to succeed. The second half catches up with the Czechoslovak Resistance fighters and their meticulous plot to assassinate him. The film opens with a quick flash forward to the moments just before the assassination.

It then backtracks to the German port city of Kiel in , where we first meet Heydrich who is being court-martialled and dismissed, because of his relations with a woman. At the time he was already courting his future wife, Lina, who suggests he join the Nazi Party. One thing leads to another and soon Nazi bigwig, Heinrich Himmler played by a creepy Stephen Graham , asks him to lead the Nazi intelligence agency, the SD. There is strong character development as Heydrich grows in stature and his cold, violent temper and penchant for killing emerges.

We see this unfeeling monster come out of his shell. Ironically, in the background we see him gently lifting up a baby.


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She starts off as an early Nazi sympathiser who genuinely believed the party could turn her country around. The film also reveals how the Nazis radically transformed from a disorganised group of dissatisfied rabble-rousers and losers, into a well-oiled, merciless war machine. Its systemic killings lead the top brass, including Heydrich, to devise something more efficient - the Final Solution. A point about the film is that Nazi sadism and cruelty led to the deaths of many people across Europe and does not focus only on the Jewish aspect.

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Visually stunning, this film has energy and verve and engages its audience with both its intellectual and emotional content and the quality of the acting. The action sequences, too, make compelling viewing.

Celebrating the craft of writing and the art of storytelling.

I would rate it highly among this genre and is a must for members of the Jewish community with an interest in history. During their mission, they cross paths with two young women with whom they experience, for the last time, the fiery passion of love. This same passion that unites Jan and Anna is exemplary of the vital force that characterizes youth. They are both beautiful and rebellious. At the other end of this story is the alarming, looming figure of Heydrich. The construct of this narrative separates these two points of view by first allowing us to follow the ascent of Heydrich, a formermilitary officer who joins the Nazi party and ultimately becomes the worst of them.

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At his side is his wife Lina, a fallen figure of the German aristocracy in search of revenge, who is the reason of this ascension. As the formidable shadow of Heydrich grows and takes shape, danger weighs more and more on the Resistance. The unique structure of the script allows one to penetrate deeply into the trajectories of these three main characters. It also adds originality and modernity by playing with the expectations of the historical genre, offering a kaleidoscopic vision to this decisive moment.

My ambition was to completely and passionately immerse the viewer so that he feels the same urgency and strength of conviction that the men and women felt at that time. The film is shot on 35mm to give even more life to the image and to better characterize the era in which the story takes place.

I wanted 35 to get this organic texture. The actors are English, Irish, French and Hungarian, as is the production crew. Each brings a specific and diverse expertise with the ambition of creating a different kind of film. Jimenez read the book for pleasure, and had no intention of making it into a feature film. The book had been a bestseller, culminating in a New York Times award for Notable Book of the Year, and he assumed the rights to it had been snapped up long ago.

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Do you want to read it? The draft had been written by David Farr, best known for his work on Hanna and The Night Manager, and Jimenez responded immediately to it. David Farr is a playwright, screenwriter and director, whose plays have been performed all over the world. He asked Goldman if he could redraft it, with Audrey Diwan, with whom he had co-written The Connection. Audrey Diwan started her writing career as a novelist.

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His brother Heinz and him would practice fencing by inventing pretend duels to learn strategy and sportsmanship. His father, a German nationalist, was intent on instilling patriotic values in his children as well. While Heydrich was an intelligent and dedicated student, he was bullied by other kids, making him shy and insecure. He was especially unhappy about his high-pitched voice, and other students would tease him about having supposed Jewish ancestry — a factor that may have spawned his hatred for those of Jewish descent.

Heydrich served almost ten years in the Navy, moving his way up the ranks quickly and gaining admiration from his fellow officers. However, he eventually ended up being dismissed for misconduct due to his penchant for female dalliances. In , he met a woman named Lina von Osten, a Nazi Party member he quickly became enamored with, and they were abruptly engaged before long. However, apparently Heydrich was already involved in a prior engagement to another woman, and he had broken off their union for his new fiance instead.

He was released by April of the same year, which was a devastating blow to his otherwise upstanding career. Initially, Himmler canceled the appointment, but von Osten ignored this news and sent Heydrich packing to meet with Nazi officials anyway.

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  • Himmler agreed to the interview regardless and was immediately taken by his plans for the new operation. Heydrich was hired in the blink of an eye, and once again made his way up through the rankings quickly and efficiently.