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Hutchison Rikki Howie Lacewell has been installed.

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And, the inevitable layoffs or demotions begin. Carlson Pamela Northrup.

The plot, set in the s, is devoid of computers, wide screens or iPhones. The technology it does have, five rotary telephones, does not work well, further deepening the mayhem.

Director Jeffrey Lesniak deftly directs the quickly moving, hysterical plot in which none of the characters gets a chance to take a deep breath or think beyond the next howling tall tale. The set, at first glance, looks a bit like an M.


It is a message of encouragement and empowerment, and the personal and organizational payoff can be enormous. BJ is passionate about friendships, family, creativity, self-expression, and health.

Her commitment to women being accountable for their own choices in life makes her work both inspirational and practical a calling women to own their lives and create their own futures, no matter what pain the past holds. Hateley is an accomplished management consultant and workshop leader who has worked with many corporate clients as well as professional associations, nonprofit groups, and government agencies.

Steve Ventura is a recognized and respected author, graphic artist, book producer, educator, and award-winning training program designer.

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His work reflects over 25 years of human resource development experience-as both a practitioner and a consultant, and over 10 years in law enforcement. As a consultant and trainer, Mr. She sees herself as a guardian of morality for the country club, and makes sure all her guests know it.


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Dominant, bossy, efficient, yet rather likeable. He is the complete and total hypochondriac. You name it, he suffers from it!

An endearing and comic character, he lights up the stage at his every entrance with his chronic complaints. Never far from most of the comic sequences, he is a pivotal character who observes all the madcap happenings going on around him. Likable, funny, with a great sense of humor.

Who Are They Anyway?

She is bright, smart and self-assured, with a "take charge" nature. She is the "straight man" of the plot, for whose benefit the duplicate wives have been produced. She is a somewhat overbearing character, serious in nature, who, at all times, is all business. She is finally revealed as a duplicitous hypocrite in the surprise ending.

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Smart, attractive, efficient and personable. Determined to make him jealous, she is party to several hilarious scenes as she makes a play for the reluctant Wilson. Determined and calculating, yet with a tender side. She never quite understands what is going on around her.